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Prof. Francesco Orio

Prof. Francesco Orio was born in Salerno, is 44 years old, married and has two children. He is Professor of Endocrinology at the “Parthenope” University of Naples.
He is the first Italian scientist who received the prestigious international award and honor at the Unesco Headquarter in Paris. He was conferred the Gold Medal by the confraternity “Ligue Universelle du Bien Public”; the ground for the award lies “ in his incomparable commitment to the public good through medicine”.

Researcher, among the main experts in Gynecological Endocrinology. The international organization Expertscape cites and includes Professor Francesco Orio among the first 10 world leaders for the research in the sector of  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), the main cause of female infertility.
The international research of  Prof. Orio is relevant and of impact for the role of the Mediterranean diet and the physical activity  in the treatment of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, sterility and in general in the  disorders of gyneacological endocrinology, as menstrual disorders.

Actually Professor Orio promotes the spreading of the Mediterranean diet  and the “Mediterranean” life style, stating their very important role for the treatment and prevention of endocrine and metabolic diseases. Winner of several awards and prizes  in Italy and abroad, Prof. Orio appears among the main “Top Italian Scientist” with over 170 cited publication by worldwide recognized public databases (PubMed, Scopus) and scientific papers published in indexed international journals (for example: Nature, American Journal of Medicine and Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism).

His main interest areas include: Gyneacological Endocrinology, Endocrinology and Diabetology. In particular Prof. Orio is an expert in  thyroid, disease and  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, hyperandrogenemia, menstrual disorders, menopause disorders, growth disorders, puberty disorders, pituitary diseases, diabetes  mellitus.
Orio participated as speaker at several national and international conferences as guest of honor. He lived two years aborad in  Montpellier (France), where he worked for the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire «Lapeyronie» as “attaché” endocrinologist physician and researcher of the INSERM unity, engaged in relevant studies focusing on androgen receptors.  He has been 4 months a, “visiting professor” and a “visiting research fellow” at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles (USA), too. He received several international awards, including  “JCEM 2002”, the first prize for the best research published in the major international journal on clinical endocrinology and metabolism; numerous “Travel Grant Award” and the publication in the “Summary Research Book” as the best paper/contribution sent to the Endocrine Society, the prestigious scientific American society of Endocrinology.
In May 2011 he was declared the best  Italian endocrinologist“under 40”, for the relevance and the value of his research and publications on the international scenery, awarding the “Marco Minozzi Prize”  by the Italian Society of Endocrinology (SIE) the more he received the SIE “Gaetano Salvatore Prize” in September 2003, as the best, Italian endocrinologist, under 30.

Professor Francesco Orio has been prominent, not only for his academic activities but also for the promotion of events related to public health in the town of Salerno, and for his social solidarity related to health and prevention, as promoter and scientific coordinator of the “Salernitan Prevention Day from diseases of the thyiroid” for 5 years. And every year in collaboration with the town of Salerno has  coordinated the free screening in schools, carrying out  free thyroid ultrasound in local schools. He also coordinates a round table  with expert of the  thyroid disease and goiter, at the town hall.
He is also a supporter of merits in medicine, as promoter and coordinator of the scholarships “Franco Orio”, awarded to the best students of the degree course in medicine at the University of Salerno and to outstanding young endocrinologists from Campania.

Since 2009, he is chairman of the section AMCI (Association of young Italian Catholic Physicians) Salerno and since 2013 he is head of the Heath Campus section in Salerno, a no-profit association with social goals. Prof. Francesco Orio’s commitments are really intense, also and most of all in the communication field, to spread  and promote the awareness in endocrinology.
He is, the more, an appreciated commentator in scientific in national medias. He has participated at many broadcast programmesand has given several TV (TG1Rai Tg3Rai, TGCom24 Mediaset, LiraTv, SudTv, Telediocesi) and radio (Radio1 Rai: Annalisa Manduca Life Obiettivo Benessere 2 interviste, Radioinblu, Radio Alpha, Radio Bussola 24, Radio MPA, Radio LatteMiele) interviews; he has taken part on TV several times, dealing with endocrinology and was TV guest, in broadcast programmes about health at social level at regional and national spreading  (Mattino 5 interviewed by Federica Panicucci, Elisir Rai3 in 2014 and in 2015 interviewed by Michele Mirabella; Salerno parla on LiraTv).

Studies and researches were published in reviews and journals (newspapers and national weekly magazines: Panorama, Il Mattino, Repubblica, Libero, OK salute, Corriere del Mezzogiorno, Sud) and on several websites (AffariItaliani, quotidianosanita, forum2, salernonotizie). He is considered by the weekly magazine “Panorama” among the 7 Italian excellences with a  cover story on 10th June 2015.
He received on 27th September 2015 the “Masaniello Prize – Neapoletan Protagonist of the Year 2015” for his scientific research, on the following ground: “A restless giving inspired by the desire of being useful to the community, promoting studies about Polycystic Ovary.”
He received on Saturday, the 12th December 2015 in Salerno in the Church of “the Holy Family” the international  “Giovanni Paolo II” Prize,  in the field of “Medicine”, on the following ground “for having, practicing his professional ethics ensured and save guarded the sanctity of Life, harmonizing Christian principles and those transmitted values of the social doctrine of the Catholic Church.”


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